About Me



My name is Raza and I’m on a mission to help busy guys get lean and ripped in as little time as possible.

I’m a father of two young boys and am an avid martial arts enthusiast. Consequently, I’ve always been interested in body weight exercises, plyometrics, isometric exercises, and similar types of workouts. At one time, I was an avid Wing Chun (kung fu) practitioner and did that to stay in shape. A few years ago, I created a site dedicated to those kinds of exercises. The problem is, after having kids, I didn’t have the kind of time I used to have to workout… or so I thought.

Like many guys, I had a bunch of incorrect beliefs about working out like not understanding the importance of weight training, diet, and cardio. So I 20140617_131929[1]literally spent 2 years researching the best ways for busy guys to get lean and ripped in as little time as possible. I was interested in the science behind getting ripped and wanted to understand how to tweak different variables to get lean and ripped as fast as I possibly could. Along the way, I learned that getting ripped is about a few critical things:

  • A diet that includes proper macronutrient percentages to have my body burning fat while building muscle
  • How to use weight training, including the correct weight, repetitions, sets, tempo, and rest intervals to build lean, powerful muscle
  • The right way to do cardio that is actually fun, and that helps melt body fat in as little as 10 minutes, only 3-4 times per week

20140605_144225[1]Having a job, kids, a wife, I wanted to be able to workout 3 times a week for no longer than 45 minutes.

So I took all of this research, from almost 20 fitness experts, scientists, strength coaches, dietitians, and personal trainers and condensed that information into simple, actionable, easy to understand scientific principles to help busy guys get ripped. So here’s to understanding the “science of getting ripped”.



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