The 39 Coolest Fitness Blogs in the World (plus, their most MIND-BLOWING articles)

So there are plenty of other “top fitness blogger posts”. Specifically the one from Greatist and the one from JMax, but this is different.

My list of fitness blogs has some of the most unique and coolest blogs I’ve ever come across. It’s focused less on coaches and more on regular guys that have gotten leaner, stronger, and bigger… who then went on to create blogs documenting their journey. I like these types of fitness blogs because lots of readers can relate to their struggles and challenges. In fact, you may not have even heard of some of these blogs before (I know I didn’t until recently), but once you check them out, I’m sure you’ll agree that they are some of the coolest fitness blogs in the entire world!

Of course this is completely subjective and I’m sure I’m missing a lot, but I’ve learned so much from these guys and find them incredibly inspiring.



What Makes Him So Cool: I have a lot of respect for Mehdi from He became the authority on the 5 x 5 workout routine, and created one of the most popular fitness blogs in the world in the process. The program is perfect for beginners and advanced weight lifters alike, emphasizing strength, progressive overload, and progress on big, compound movements (Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press, and Barbell Rows). He has extremely informative articles that I’ve refered to time and again, especially when I first started lifting weights.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: His website is and for good reason. He’s one of the top strength coaches in the world. Early in his career he went on a quest to find the “magical program” for guys to gain strength… only to realize that no such thing exists. He realizes this “naïve” belief is what allowed him to accomplish so much. He has well over 100k Facebook fans and has trained some of the most popular athletes in the world.

Whether you’re an athlete or average guy, his blog is FULL of amazing videos and articles to help you get stronger.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: Greg O’Gallagher runs and is one of the fastest growing fitness sites in the world. It’s run by a young guy (early 20’s I believe) who focuses on minimalist strength training and diet tips. He’s built an incredible amount of strength focusing on reverse pyramid training, lifting weights only 3 days a week. As for diet, he focuses on intermittent fasting, which allows you to eat larger, more satiating meals. Since he focuses on heavy lifting, the diet allows for more carbs as well. I’ve learned so much from him and always look forward to his articles.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: Jason Ferruggia’s site is an indispensable resource for guys looking to build muscle. He calls himself a “renegade strength” coach and for good reason. He focuses on “power-building” which is a mix of power-lifting for strength gains and higher-rep bodybuilding style workouts to gain muscle. He also recommends “renegade” conditioning like medicine ball slams, sledgehammers, tire flips, etc. He’s direct, no-nonsense, and has written hundreds of posts to help guys build muscle, burn fat, and get stronger. True to his renegade style, he wrote a post in 2014 stating how he is purposely not promoting a product that he found out doesn’t work. It was making him at least 100k per year, so it showed a lot of integrity for him to stop promoting it. If you’re ever Googled something fitness related you’ve likely come across his site. Here are some of my favorites:

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: Now this is a great site. It’s created by a regular guy named Jay. He makes no qualms about the fact that he doesn’t have any professional certifications. He DOES have tons of real world experience. So much so that he’s been quoted in numerous publications like BusinessWeek, Time Magazine, CNET, The Huffington Post, Mashable, LifeHacker, and many other national news publications. His website has even been referenced in college classes. He has incredible workout guides with tons of useful information to burn fat, build muscle, and get stronger. He has a clean, simple, modest site, but he’s helped thousands and thousands of people (if not more).

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: is created by Christian Flynn. He’s got a ton of great articles and backs up his assertions with both science and personal experience.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Them So Cool: I guess the best way to describe is like a “portal” site for fitness enthusiasts. It spans topics such as kettlebells, CrossFit, nutrition, yoga, martial arts, fatloss, Olympic weight lifting, mobility, power lifting, biomechanics, and running. It’s numerous contributors include Nate Miyaki, Mike Mahler, Mark McMannus, JC Deen, and others.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: Over the past few years, I’ve seen literally EXPLODE onto the scene. It’s run by Andy Morgan and he is working very hard to spread the Martin Berkhans’ “LeanGains” method of fitness across the globe. Ever since Martin Berkhans skyrocketed to internet fame because of LeanGains, he has posted much less frequently on his blog. That’s where Andy comes it. He is evangelizing Martin’s “LeanGains” methodology and even moved as far as Japan (hence the .jp domain name) to bust fitness myths of eating 6 small meals a day and working out 6 days a week. He’s very well read and has thoroughly digested the works of Lyle McDonald, Alan Aragon, and Mark Rippetoe, which is reflected in his practical diet and workout guides.

Using a combination of intermittent fasting and 3 days of weight lifting (reverse pyramid style), his clients have been able to make very impressive transformations with NO cardio. He has some incredibly helpful guides. I find myself referring to them often.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: was created by Bryan DiSanto, and is focused on helping people incinerate fat and become lean. He’s done a fantastic job at creating a dynamic site geared to both men and women. It includes workouts, recipes, workout music, and a discussion board.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:


The Athletic Build new 3-14-13

What Makes Them So Cool: is focused on helping you build a leaner, stronger, more athletic body. It combines advice on bodybuilding, general fitness, and athletic performance with a slight tilt towards CrossFit. Their authors include performance athletes,physique competitors, and fitness models from all over the world. The articles are simple to read and have actionable advice that regular people can use.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: was created by Mark McMannus, a regular guy from Ireland that decided to take charge of his life by building a lean, muscular body. In the process, he documented the tips and tricks he used. His “targeted hypertrophy training” is about building muscle and he gives it to his readers for free. He’s an honest guy and gives straight-forward advice. He isn’t married to one particular fitness philosophy or dogma and recognizes that everything works depending on your goals and experience.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: is created by Jason Maxwell. What makes him so cool is that he was trained and educated as a rocket scientist (hence the rocket logo) but switched careers to build a world-class fitness blog focused on helping guys build muscle. He focuses on helping guys build muscle and burn fat naturally. In addition to his own articles, he posts articles from top fitness authors from around the world and requires them to include references and citations from scientific journals supporting any claims they make in their articles.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: If I had to choose 3 of my favorite sites on this list, would be one of them, and here’s why: it’s run by Mario Tomic, a former overweight gamer from Croatia. He decided to turn his life around and focus on his health and fitness. Within a few months, he had built not only a new physique, but a fitness blog frequented by thousands of visitors per day.

What makes his site so unique is that it’s not just general fitness advice, he shows how exactly what he’s done to get the body he currently has; exact diet, exact weight lifting routine, exact cardio routine. It’s very personal and you can literally spend an entire hour on his site. I’ve spoken to him via Skype and he is absolutely the real deal. He even offers monthly coaching to his clients for a very reasonable fee. What I love is that he presecreens and selects who he works with so that he’s working with the most committed, dedicated people. If his clients don’t commit, he refunds their money and stops working with them.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: is run by Keith Lai in Canada. I like him because he’s focused on minimalist muscle building and diet protocols. He shoots from the hip and can be a little crude and direct, but his advice is pretty good.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: is created by Mike Matthews and is probably the BIGGEST fitness site on the internet. I literally can’t believe how much free information he shares. He’s literally built a multi-million dollar empire including Amazon books (diet and workout), supplements, and custom meal plans by giving away so much free information on his blogs. His articles are so thoroughly researched and so actionable, it’s unbelievable. He also works hard to respond to EVERY comment on his site.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: was created by Steve Kamb, a regular guy. His blog started out as average, but it wasn’t until his infused it with his personality, referencing “nerdy” things like video games and Star Wars that it took off exponentially. He’s now one of the most popular fitness bloggers in the world. He focuses on heavy lifting like Mark Rippetoe recommends and favors the Paleo diet methodology. His articles are really well written and very actionable, especially for regular guys.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: is another really good fitness site. It’s a bit more general that the other blogs I’ve mentioned in this list, but it’s got some decent tips for people that are interested in fatloss.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: I remember when Kris Gunnars first created his blog, it was called KrisKris back then. He was getting lots of traffic by writing really authoritative blog posts on nutrition. As a medical doctor, he (he was in med school at the time) he focused on using scientific research to substantiate all of his claims. He favors a high fat, lower carb diet and has plenty of well-written and well-referenced articles to support his beliefs. Still, he isn’t caught up in the dogma of one particular eating style or diet methodology. He just makes his decisions based on science, not bias. Whenever I want to look up a nutrition fact, I end up going to his site.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: Marc Perry has created an incredible site in BuiltLean. He focuses on helping busy guys burn fat and get a lean, muscular body using “strength circuits”, which are mainly circuit trainings with a focus on using moderate to heavy weights. His results speak for themselves. He’s created a really informative blog, recruiting New York’s top personal trainers and medical doctors to write for his site.

One of the coolest things about his is that he is a former Princeton grad that worked on Wall Street. But after working tireless hours and gaining lots of weight, he decided to get in shape and leave his lucrative career in finance to build a fitness empire. I have a lot of respect for what he’s done.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: Like most fitness blogs, Chad Howse focuses on how to build muscle, get leaner, and get stronger. But unlike the others, he has an obsession with “manliness”. Not machismo and boasting, rather his focus is on character, honor, and courage. Definitely worthy ideals.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: Slyvon Blanco has created a really trust worthy site by sharing his personal experiences. He’s got some really good articles that regular guys can relate to. The clean, airy design of his blog makes it really easy and enjoyable to read.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: Al Kavadlo has racked up millions of YouTube views for his amazing bodyweight feats. His blog is a go-to resource for bodyweight and calisthenics enthusiasts.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: If you’re into fitness, it’s hard not to know who JC Deen is. I first heard of him when he was writing guest posts for the hugely popular copywriting blog, Like many of the other bloggers on this list, he takes a scientific view towards fitness and isn’t married to any particular dogma. He busts typical bodybuilding myths of eating 6 times a day and about certain foods making you “fat”. In fact, I learned the importance of measuring and weighing foods from him.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: Now this blog is a hidden gem. Jeff became really popular when he posted a video about his 4 month transformation from being skinny fat, to approximately 7% bodyfat using the Leangains intermittent fasting method. He was able to achieve this level of leanness with absolutely no cardio. The video got tens of thousands of views. I’ve actually hired him as a coach and he was the first person to teach me the importance of weighing my food and calculating macro (protein, carbs, and fat). He also introduced me to the Wendler 5/3/1 weight lifting protocol which I have used ever since (with some slight modifications though).

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: I like Jason from AnymanFitness because like ShockingFit, Kinobody, and Bullseye Fitness, he’s a regular guy that shares his personal experiences using the Leangains approach. He is a father of 2 young girls, an algebra teacher, and a Fitocracy coach on top of all of that. So he’s living a full, active, busy life, that doesn’t solely revolve around fitness. He understands the challenges most people have getting (and staying) in shape and works with them to accomplish their goals.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: First of all, I love the name of this blog. is created by Alex Zinchenko and is all about getting stronger with less. It means being efficient with your diet and training protocols. It’s about doing more with less. It’s about doing without luxuries and conveniences that allow you to feign progress (rather than actually say, progressing). He’s from Eastern Europe and his blog is a combination of strength training, gymnastics, and calisthenics. I just discovered it a few weeks ago and it’s already one of my favorite fitness blogs.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: Mike Fitch created this blog and dedicated it exclusively to bodyweight, gymnastic, parkour, and calisthenic workouts. If you’re into that kind of thing, you should check his blog out. It’s really good. Plus, he’s been featured in tons of publications like Men’s Health. You should definitely check him out. He’s got a bunch of great tutorials.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Them So Cool: This blog was created by the Precision Nutrition team and was my first exposure to Dr. John Berardi. It was incredibly cool for offering a body transformation giveaway. They coached guys for a year, and the winner of the most impressive transformation won $50,000 (if I remember correctly). I learned SO much from this blog including the concept of carb cycling, the importance of sleep, and other incredibly cool things. Nate Green also writes for the blog (in addition to others) and it’s really, really top-notch content.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:


Justin Cavanaugh

What Makes Him So Cool: This is another blog created by a real guy that got in shape and decided to help other real, regular people do the same. I like these types of blogs best because readers can really related to his story. It didn’t happen overnight, and he’s been working out for 10 years, but he’s finally figured it out.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: This is another blog that I recently discovered. It’s created by Josh and is progressing his journey to be a top-notch strength coach. Like I said earlier, I really like this type of blog because it’s personal and shares his own personal experiences. Guys like him (and the others I mentioned earlier) will eventually become popular because they’re real, authentic, and care about their audiences. Kind of like how the Hodge Twins and Elliott Hulse and Christian Guzman and Michael Kory EXPLODED on YouTube. They’re real, genuine guys that share their life experiences.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: Ok, now is COMPLETELY unique. Just go to the site and see for yourself, you’ll see what I mean. He gives away SO much free information it’s unbelievable. It’s laid out like one of those college “cheat sheets” you’d see in a bookstore about topics like physics, biology, etc. Just one long page of killer information including diagrams, apps, recipes, workouts, all backed by science. I’ve literally never seen a site like this on the internet. I just can’t believe how cool this site is.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:

It’s all one giant article, so I can’t really separate it out. Just go to the site and you’ll see what I mean:



What Makes Him So Cool: is also another INCREDIBLY cool site. It’s similar to SimpleScienceFitness in that the design is so clean, and simple, and minimalist that it’s really easy to read. As the name suggests, it backs up all of its claims with scientific evidence. They help you get leaner and stronger without giving up your hobbies and social life. Literally, an amazing, amazing site. You just have to check it out for yourself.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:


What Makes Him So Cool: I learned about a few years ago, but I really saw it take off last year. Todd focuses on bodyweight training and calisthenics, and is one of the internet’s go-to experts on the topic. He also has great relationships with online fitness guru’s Rusty Moore, Angel Lazarov, and Funk Roberts. His blog really took off when he decided to “build a blog that matters”; a blog that regular guys could relate too. He’s written hundreds of posts, and allows other fitness professionals to write on his site as well. He even created a course on isometrics, which is something I was interested at one point. I also have a lot of appreciation and gratitude because he allowed me to post a guest article on his site as well.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: is pretty cool because it goes beyond just weight lifting and fat burning. He talks about things like gut health, mental performance, and nutrition. He has a ton of resourceful articles and has been featured in national news media including WebMD, NBC, CBS, and the Huffington Post.



What Makes Him So Cool: I just discovered and I love it. It’s about the fun things we do to get stronger, you know, fun things like strength training, Oly weight lifting, and powerlifting. It’s a blog about his fitness journey, and I can totally relate to this type of blog.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:


What Makes Him So Cool: The name says it all. Guys like Reg Park. Arnold. Serge Nubret. Steve Reeves. All 70’s big (big weights, little shorts) This site is dedicated to old school strength and bodybuilding. Really unique.



What Makes Him So Cool: Kevin got really ripped in a few weeks and showed other guys like him how he did it. It was a pretty impressive transformation. He lays out the exact workout he followed and exactly what he ate to achieve those results. He didn’t eat much, but the results speak for themselves.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: I found out about Nate Green from the ScrawnytoBrawny blog. He used to work at and then got involved with Dr. John Berardi and the Precision Nutrition team. He wrote his very first book at the age of 23 called “Built for Show” which is an incredible feat in and of itself. He’s been featured on Tim Ferriss’s blog (more than once if I recall correctly) and even did an experiment called “Bigger, Smaller, Bigger” where he lost 20 pounds of muscle, and then gained it all back by eating ridiculous amounts of food. Another thing I really like about him is the format of his blog. It’s kind of like SimpleScienceFitness and EvidenceMag in the sense that it’s very minimalistic, clean, and airy. It makes it very easy to read.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:



What Makes Him So Cool: I just literally learned about today and am adding it to my list right away. The name of the blog is kind of funny, but the guy makes a lot of sense. He advocates bodyweight workouts (specifically on gymnastic rings), but don’t think he’s just some body-weight guru that hates weights because he’s never tried them. He is actually pretty strong and lifted heavy weights with barbells for years. He has since given it up in favor of bodyweight and ring work. So his opinion is based on knowing both sides (weights vs bodyweight). He’s got some really interesting articles and offers online coaching as well.

Here Are My Favorite Posts:

So there you have it, the 39 coolest fitness blogs in the world for guys. Let me know what you think and if I should add any others in the comments below.

  • September 22, 2015
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