How to Increase Testosterone Naturally (27 Simple Tips)

If you’re a regular guy like me, you want to have lots of testosterone, especially as you age. So I decided to write an article on how to increase testosterone naturally. I share the 27 best tips I could find to help regular, busy guys like me boost their testosterone naturally.
Yes, there are supplements out there, and prescription therapies, and all kinds of treatments, but that’s not what I’m talking about in this article.
My goal is to help you focus on increasing your testosterone naturally and cheaply.
So before we proceed, let’s talk about why testosterone is so important.
Why Should You Increase Your Testosterone Levels Naturally?
Now you probably already know, but testosterone is the #1 male hormone, responsible for what makes you a man. It is responsible for building strength, regulating your sex drive, and much more.
It can even affect your mood and confidence levels. It also affects body composition (how you look) so it’s really important if you want to stay lean, strong, muscular, masculine, and have a healthy sex drive.
Bottom line: you want to boost your natural testosterone levels, especially as you get older. What’s worse is that as a population, our testosterone levels are dropping more and more, and aging isn’t the main culprit; it’s lifestyle. Check out this article. I’ve included a pretty important quote from it below:
“Declining testosterone levels are not an inevitable part of the aging process, as many people think,” said study co-author Gary Wittert, MD, professor of medicine at the University of Adelaide in Adelaide, Australia. “Testosterone changes are largely explained by smoking behavior and changes in health status, particularly obesity and depression.”
What’s worse is that because of our lifestyle, testosterone levels have been declining for the past 2 decades. So that’s why I’m sharing the best ways to boost your testosterone naturally.
I’ve divided this article into 3 main sections: behavioral, exercise, and diet because these are the best ways to increase testosterone.
So let’s begin.

Liver Fully to Increase Testosterone:

This section talks about how to increase testosterone naturally by changing your lifestyle.

1). Remove Stress – It’s a Testosterone Killer

Inline image 1
Stress is a real testosterone killer. It increases cortisol levels, which is known to do all kinds of nasty stuff including deteriorating muscle, accumulating fat, decreasing bone density, to name a few. Stress also can kill your mood, leading to depression, which is just a vicious cycle.
Our busy lives with our grueling commutes, and money worries, and relationship woes, and environmental pollutants, and fast paced lifestyle all adds stress. But stress is not the problem – it’s a reality of life. The key is how we deal with stress. You should try things like:
  • Breathing deeply when you feel stressed out
  • Making a list of what’s stressing you – and then writing solutions to your problems
  • Talking to friends and family
  • Meditating
  • Taking long, leisurely walks
  • Playing with your kids
All of these coping strategies can help you get out of your rut so your body can continue to produce testosterone unimpeded.

2). Boost Testosterone 20% by Acting Dominant

Inline image 22
I LOVE this one. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy did a great TED talk about how body language affects testosterone levels. If you have a few minutes, you should definitely watch it. Essentially, you can naturally boost your testosterone levels by 20% just by “acting” more confident. Just imagine how characters like Tony Mantana from Scarface act; arms open, feet up on the desk, chin up, hands on hips, back straight, chest out, etc.
Conversely, slouching, crossing your arms, folding your legs, drooping your head down, etc. lower your mood and make you feel less confident.

3). You Product Testosterone When You Sleep – So Sleep More

Inline image 2
Getting good sleep can not be over-estimated. Most of us (in the West at least) are sleep deprived. Stress, electronic devices, 60 hour work weeks, and little kids that wake up in the middle of the night all keep us from the amount of sleep we need and deserve. Make no mistake, all of this reduces your testosterone levels. So you need to take your sleep regimen seriously if you want to naturally increase your testosterone levels.
Luckily, I found a FANTASTIC blog geared towards sleep. I don’t know how they are able to write such amazing content about sleep, but here are some of their best articles:
Check them out, it will help increase your testosterone levels.

4). Lose That Extra Fat – It’s Producing Estrogen

Inline image 3
Carrying around excess fat around your belly? So are tens of millions of other men. Remember that quote above about our lower testosterone levels? Well, lots of us are overweight, and it’s collectively killing our testosterone levels.
I talk about that more in the exercise and diet sections of post, so keep on reading. You manliness depends on it.

5). Stop Smoking – It’s Killing Your Testosterone 

Inline image 4
I’m not your mother, but you should stop smoking. It’s bad for you. You already know that.
If you want to give yourself a boost in the testosterone department, then kick the habit. Numerous studies have shown the link between smoking and lower free testosterone levels.
So just stop smoking. I know you look cool doing it, but it can even lead to erectile dysfunction.
And that’s not cool. 

6). Stop Drinking – (especially if you get wasted, eat crap, and skip the gym)

Inline image 5
I know, I know, not what a lot of people want to hear.
The truth is that there’s lots of conflicting opinions on whether alcohol inhibits testosterone or not – so I’m not stepping into that minefield.
But if you’re getting hammered, staying out late, eating like crap, waking up the next day hung over, dehydrated, and too tired to go to the gym – do you think that’s going to help your T-levels?
Sure, there is some benefit in alcohol, but the bad outweighs the good. (I’m probably going to take heat for that statement but whatever)

Train Smarter to Increase Testosterone Naturally

I covered a lot of the behavioral,environment, and social things you can do to increase your testosterone levels naturally. Now let’s talk about what you can do in the gym to increase your T.

7). Lifting Heavy Makes You a Badass (and triggers testosterone production)

Strength training is one of the best things you can do for gaining strength, improving balance, increasing bone density, gaining coordination, and increasing speed. Even elderly people (actually especially elderly people) can benefit from resistance training.
By “heavy” I mean lifting approximately 85% of your 1 rep max. This gives the proper stimulus to trigger testosterone production in your body. Programs like Starting Strength, Wendler 5/3/1, and Reverse Pyramid Training are all fine strength training programs. I’ve tried them all and they’re great.

8). Do Deadlifts – They Trigger the Biggest Increase in Testosterone

I wrote an entire post on the benefits of deadlifts, so I won’t repeat myself. But I will say that deadlifts trigger so many muscle groups, they’re one of the best exercises you could ever do.

9). Lift Explosively and Lower the Bar Slowly

Focusing on this DOUBLES the fat-burning, muscle building potential

Here’s another great way to boost testosterone and growth hormone. Again, I wrote another article about why you need to lift weights faster, so I won’t go in detail here.
But there was a study showing that doing the concentric part of an exercise explosively (taking about 1 second) and lowering it slowly (about 3-4 seconds) stimulates more muscle fibers, leading to a greater testosterone response. You get bigger and stronger as a result as well.

10). Perform HIIT Cardio

HIIT is a great way to preserve, and even grow muscle. Some people call it “anabolic cardio” because it increases human growth hormone. Also, too much long, grueling cardio could potentially burn up muscle, so doing HIIT is a great idea. Here’s a YouTube video I shot where I share one of my favorite ways to do HIIT.


11). Compound Movements Increase Testosterone Production (do squants, presses, and dips)

Squats work more muscles... and burn more fat


Similar to doing deadlifts, any movement that works multiple muscle groups at the same time will produce the greatest testosterone response. So big, multi-joint movements at 85% of your 1 rep max is the way to go.
You’ll build more muscle, get stronger, burn more fat, and increase testosterone levels all at the same time.

Increase Testosterone by Eating Better

So we’ve talked about lifestyle and training changes that you can do to increase testosterone. Now let’s talk about how eating better improves your testosterone levels.
As a primer, testosterone is produced from cholesterol, so you don’t want to wrecklessly cut fat from your diet. Yes, fat has twice as many calories as protein and carbs, so if you eat too much you will get fat, but that doesn’t mean you should cut it out of your diet. In fact, if you want to increase testosterone naturally, you need to be eating it.

12). Eat Steak – The Protein, Fat, and Zinc Will Get You Lean and Muscular

Inline image 6
Steak is a great food to eat to boost your testosterone levels naturally because it contains lots of protein, zinc, and saturated fat. Beef also has Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Omega-3 fatty acids.
As with anything diet related; all things in moderation. So if you’re tracking your macros, getting the proper cuts of meat, etc. you won’t have to worry about getting fat from eating too much steak. Other good sources of protein and zinc are lamb, goat, ground beef, buffalo, and wild game. 

13). Eat Salmon – Tons of Protein and Omega-3 Fatty Acids (and it tastes awesome)

Inline image 7
Fatty fish like salmon have lots of Omega-3 fatty acids, so you want to eat it twice a week. Unlike tuna, you don’t have to worry about high mercury levels. Also, 1 can of salmon contains about 40 grams of protein, which is great for building muscle and feeling full. Omega-3 fatty acids have all sorts of health benefits , so if you don’t like fish, you can take fish oil capsules instead. 

14). Eat Beans – They Contain Massive Amounts of Zinc and Fiber

Inline image 8
Beans are a great source of carbohydrates and soluble fiber. They also have high amounts of zinc, more than almost any other food. Protein, zinc, fiber, and carbs make beans a great food.

15). Eat Broccoli (and other cruciferous vegetables)

Inline image 9
Eating broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables is a way to naturally boost your testosterone levels because it’s “addition by subtraction”. Eating cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower, kale, brussels sprouts, spinach, and cabbage contain phytochemicals that lower estrogen in your body. Estrogen has a negative effect on testosterone production, so eating these naturally helps your body produce more testosterone.

16).Eat Olive Oil – It Helps Your Body Better Absorb Cholesterol and Turn It Into Testosterone

Inline image 10
Olive oil is another great food to help your body produce testosterone because it may help your body better absorb cholesterol. Since cholesterol is turned into testosterone, olive oil is good to eat. 

17). Avoid Soy – It Increases Estrogen Production

Inline image 11
Soy has been known to increase estrogen production in the body, which will have a negative impact on your testosterone production. 

18). Eat Grape Fruit – They Help Lower Estrogen

Inline image 12
Like cruciferous vegetables, eating grapefruit can help lower estrogen in your body. It’s also low in sugar and carbs so it’s a good way to keep your calories down. 

19). Eat Avocados – They Have Lots of Fat to Increase Testosterone

Inline image 13
Like I mentioned before, your body needs fat to produce testosterone. Studies have shown that increased fat intake results in the best increase in testosterone production. But of all the fats, monounsaturated fats found in peanuts, olives, and avocados.

20). Chia Seeds Have Tons of Fiber and Fat to Boost Testosterone

Inline image 14
Chia seeds have a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids so they’re a great food to eat to increase testosterone naturally. They also are high in fiber and have decent amounts of protein, so add it to your smoothies, oatmeal, and wherever else you can.

 21). Eat Garlic – It’s Good for Your Heart

Inline image 15
This article talks about how eating garlic helps your heart (we all know that), but it also increases testicular testosterone. Add it to your steaks, ground beef, and other meats.

22). Eat Nuts and Nut Butters – Lots of Fat and Decent Amounts of Protein to Make Testosterone and Build Muscle

Inline image 16
Like other fat rich foods, nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, and peanuts give you lots of monounsaturated fat that your body needs. They also have lots of zinc. So eat almond butter and jelly sandwiches if you want to bulk up and boost your testosterone.

23). Essential Oils to Boost Testosterone 25%

Inline image 17
I heard about how essential oils can help boost testosterone from an article at Precision Nutrition where John Berardi evaluates the claims that essential oils from blue spruce and balsam fir increased his testosterone.
He measured his total testosterone, free testosterone, as well human growth hormone and noticed increases after ingesting these two essential oils over the course of 8 weeks.

24). Eat Eggs – The Protein and Fat Is a Proven Testosterone Booster

Inline image 18
As I said earlier, your body turns cholesterol into testosterone, so you want to eat foods that are high in cholesterol if you want to boost your testosterone. A lot of what we thought we knew about cholesterol isn’t true so you don’t have to be afraid of cholesterol – but that’s all I’m going to say about that controversial topic.
The bottom line is that eggs (with yolks) are a great source of cholesterol and protein and are relatively low in calories. So don’t be afraid of eating them. If you’re afraid of gaining weight, them make sure you’re tracking your macros.

25). Eat Oysters and Shellfish – Not Common to Eat, But They’re Awesome at Increasing Testosterone

Inline image 19
Oysters are an unusual food, but they are full of zinc. So they’re great for increasing testosterone naturally. Raw, cooked, whatever. They’re exotic and make for a fun experience. And they boost testosterone.

26). Get Enough Vitamin D – Either Supplements or by Taking Walks Outside

Inline image 20
Lots of guys are low in vitamin D. In fact, it’s becoming a major problem in the US. My son actually started having seizures as a baby because of low vitamin D, so it’s something to take seriously.
On top of that, researchers in Austria gave male subjects and gave them 3332 IU’s of vitamin D a day for a year and noted significantly higher testosterone levels in the people who took it compared to the group that was given a placebo.
So make sure you get lots of sunshine, especially in the winter months, by talking walks outside – preferably in the morning. And taking some extra vitamin D supplements isn’t a bad idea either.

27). Take Zinc – It’s Critical for Males

I’ve mentioned zinc throughout this article. Oysters, beans, and other foods that are loaded with zinc will help increase your testosterone. But if you aren’t getting enough from those foods, you should consider taking a supplement. It helps increase sperm count, prevent the creation of estrogen, and of course, increase testosterone.
So those are my 27 ways to increase testosterone naturally.
  • February 5, 2016
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