Write For Us

Write For Us: Here’s How to Submit a Fitness Guest Post

I’m trying to build a thriving blog dedicated to helping regular guys build muscle, burn fat, and get stronger. I aim to write, long, detailed, informative articles and blog posts that help guys (and girls) accomplish their fitness goals, while still maintaining their busy lifestyle.

Here are some guidelines:

Topics: I’m open to guest posts on fitness, diet, nutrition workouts, mental game, strength training, motivation, exercise/workout routines, etc. If it’s fitness related, feel free to write about it

Length: Guest posts should be at least 1500 words. I once read that if something isn’t longer than 2000 words, you’re not covering the topic deep enough. So bring your A-game and write the most helpful post you can

What You Get: In return for writing a killer article, you’ll get two links back to any site of your choosing

How to Contact Me: You can pitch topics to me or send me your entire guest post at raza [@] thescienceofgettingripped.com

I look forward to hearing from you!