If you're a middle-aged guy, you need to read this...

Use These 3 EPIC Tricks to Instantly Blowtorch Ugly Belly Fat & Get Ripped Even If You Think You Have No Time to Workout...

You'll turbo-charge your fat burning, muscle building hormones without scammy supplements or useless fitness gadgets...

In this letter, I’m going to reveal:

  • the 2 best nutrition tips and tricks to get ripped fast
  • the best workout for getting ripped fast to shred fat
  • how to get rid of uncontrollable cravings that sabotage your chances of burning your belly fat…
  • what kinds of carbs you SHOULD eat and WHEN you should eat them…
  • the “best” pills to get ripped and why I don’t use these “get ripped pills”
  • how to hack your 2 muscle building, fat burning hormones – this is the Hollywood secret to getting ripped…
  • how to get better by results by eating more, working out less, and sleeping more…

So keep reading because I want to help you get lean and ripped.

2014-06-14_15.53.00[1]Hi there, my name is Raza Imam. The first thing you should know about me is that I’m NOT a certified personal trainer or certified strength coach, but I DO know how to get you lean and ripped. Here’s why that’s important: of course strength coaches, personal trainers, and athletes are going to always look ripped. I mean, if you work in a gym 10 hours a day, of course you should be lean and ripped. But what about guys like you and me that can ONLY afford 2, maybe 3 hours in the gym… per week?!? How can a guy that works in a gym begin to understand the stresses, problems, and challenges the rest of us face trying to get in shape?

I’m just a regular, average dude with a wife, and kids, and a busy job, and long commute, who happened to stumble upon some scientific principles that helped me gain 10 pounds of lean muscle and get the ripped and shredded body I wanted. I did it in less than 90 days and didn’t use any drugs, hardcore diets, and I didn’t spend a ton of time in the gym. So I decided to document it and help other guys like me.

Before I learned the secrets I’m about to share with you… I couldn’t gain muscle or lose fat no matter how often I trained.

Does that sound familiar? I mean, once I hit 30, I noticed I was starting to get the dreaded “skinny fat” body type. You know what I’m talking about. Skinny body with a pot belly. Flabby without any real muscle.

I desperately wanted my lean, defined, and muscular body back that I had when I was younger. But… like most 30-something guys with kids, I have a very busy life.

Between working a full time job, an hour commute, and kids to take care of… I didn’t have a lot of free time. Not only that, but when I came home… the last thing I felt like doing was working out.

I wanted to be able to work out 3 times a week for no longer than 45 minutes. I wanted to get back in shape for quite a while, but do it in less time. I wanted to feel confident with what I saw in the mirror, I wanted my wife to give me compliments, and I wanted guys to RESPECT me.

I wanted to get that “ripped” look like a pro athlete… that JACKED dude in an action movie… that shredded look like you see on the all-natural fitness mags.

So I literally spent a year researching the best ways for busy guys to get lean and ripped in as little time as possible. I basically took research from almost 20 fitness experts, strength coaches, dietitians, and per

Yes that's a pager, lol (I work for a hospital)

Yes that’s a pager, lol (I work for a hospital)

sonal trainers… and condensed it into simple, actionable, easy to understand scientific principles to help busy guys get ripped.

I’m a REAL guy like you. No fancy photoshoot. No airbrush. No digital touchups. Just a regular guy that’s FINALLY built muscle and gotten a 6 pack  (even with a busy IT job and 2 young kids)

Hollywood Secret to Getting Ripped – The Tricks Actors and Models Use (I HATE These)

Lots of people want to know what to take to get ripped fast. They literally search “what can I take to get ripped fast” in Google. They’re looking for get ripped pills. The simple answer is dieuretic pills. Dieuretics are the best pills to get ripped because they dehydrate you. Some actors even take steroids and other substances to get ripped. If you look at most fitness models they will dehydrate themselves 2 weeks before a photo shoot. Here are some of their tips and tricks to get ripped fast:

Trick #1). They workout 3 times a day for 2 weeks before a photoshoot to look bigger and more muscular

Trick #2). They do EVERYTHING they can to dehydrate themselves so they can lose water weight. This includes not eating carbs for a week (1 gram of carbs holds 3 grams of water), taking dieuretic pills, lowering their sodium consumption (sodium causes water retention), and drinking up to 2 gallons of water per day (drinking that much water causes the body to flush out water), take epsom salt baths, and get drunk (all of these things cause the body to flush out water)

Trick #3). They have professional studios with thousands of dollars of lighting and camera equipment to make every muscle look more defined

Trick #4). They get spray tans and apply baby oil (lots and lots of baby oil) to look defined and muscular

Besides, most of these fitness models and bodybuilders don’t even look ripped all year long (trust me, I’ve seen the pictures). NOT ME. I refuse to use any of those tricks. I’m a regular guy with regular photos of my results. I show you realistic results that busy guys can get and maintain your entire life.

20140617_131929[1]It doesn’t matter what your goals are. You can tap into my knowledge and use this same “results-oriented” approach as a shortcut. Because in just 3 hours per week of using the powerful, step-by-step system I’m going to share with you

  • I gained 10 pounds of lean muscle and my body fat went from 20% to 12%
    So I looked better and felt stronger. I was more self-confident around others and felt better about myself.
  • I cut my time in the gym to less than 3 total hours a week. I focused on getting stronger, eating better, and sleeping more. Most of my gains were because of these three simple things.
  • I saw my “six pack” for the first time since high school!
  • My strength on all lifts increased My bench press, squat, deadlift, and overhead press went up. Not only did my strength levels increase, but there was a noticeable difference in my physique – a difference that friends and co-workers noticed.

You see… one of the things that used to stop me from even TRYING to get in shape was THINKING I didn’t have time to work out. I thought I had to lift weights 5 or 6 days a week… for an hour each time. So I just avoided it.

WARNING: These 3 mistakes are KILLING your chances of getting ripped – plus 3 EPIC tips and tricks to get ripped fast

Below, I reveal the EPIC tips and tricks to get ripped fast. The mainstream media and fitness industry tells regular guys all the wrong things. Time and again I kept seeing guys making these same exact mistakes, wondering why they weren’t making any progress. Below you’ll discover how to lose weight and get ripped and cut and lean. You will learn how to shred weight fast and get ripped in 6 weeks (depending on your fitness level of course).

Mistake #1: Following the Wrong Workout Routines

See, you’re preyed upon by a multi-billion dollar fitness industry that promotes pills, gimmicky gadgets, and “miracle” solutions. Not to mention the confusing, conflicting advice that keeps getting promoted in bodybuilding magazines

They throw in workouts that were written by pro bodybuilders who have tons of time to workout. I’m talking 3 to 4 hours working out, per day! Or they’re taking thousands of dollars worth of steroids, which helps them increase their testosterone and recover faster

If you and I trained like those guys, our bodies would start to break down… But they’ll NEVER tell you that. Even if it did work… we just don’t have that much time.

For example, if you’re doing isolation exercises like preacher curls or dumbbell flyes… you’re killing your chances of gaining as much muscle as you could.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll see the greatest results of your life, so please, please don’t waste this by not following an intelligently programmed workout plan.

  • EPIC Trick #1: Focus on Compound Movements So You Can Get Stronger, More Defined Muscles

The only way to gain muscle mass is through intensity and overload. Isolated exercises won’t stimulate enough muscle fibers for muscle growth and they’re not intense enough to increase fat burning.

It’s much better to do full-body compound exercises with lots of intensity. That’s because compound exercises increase production of testosterone and human growth hormone. This is the best exercise to get ripped.

Isolation exercise, by its very nature, never allows your body to reach the intensity required to release growth hormone or testosterone.

For example, squats are a compound movement that work a lot of different muscles. Doing 10 reps of a squat takes the same amount of time… but works over 60% more muscle than doing a leg curl! Compound movements work the most amount of muscle in the shortest amount of time.

And to fully promote muscle growth… compound movements like squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, bench presses, rows, pushups, pullups, and dips promote a flood of human growth hormone and testosterone, which are KEY to building lean muscle and burning fat naturally. http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises has great workout tutorials. These are the best exercises for getting ripped. 

One more tip: Lift fast and “explosively”. It results in greater energy expenditure and recruitment of more muscle fibers

Researchers at the University of Alabama studied one group of people who lifted using a 5-seconds up, 10 seconds down tempo. And a second group which did 1 second up and 1 second down…

The faster group burned 70% more calories and lifted 250% more weight than the slow lifters! So focusing on lifting explosively will burn more calories, make you stronger, and build lean, ripped muscle in the process

Mistake #2: Killing Your Natural Fat-Burning Hormones

Hormones play a huge role in uncontrollable cravings. Hormonal imbalances are a HUGE reason why you’re not able to lose the fat you want.

See, if you eat any kind of food that causes a rapid spike in blood sugar, your body responds by releasing the hormone insulin which shuttles that sugar into your liver and muscles. Once your liver and muscle reserves are full, the sugar gets converted to fat.

And like I mentioned earlier, high blood sugar causes your body to release insulin, which causes your body to turn that sugar into ugly fat.

Well, when you ingest carbs your pancreas has to release increased amounts of insulin to deal with the increase in blood sugar.

About 45 minutes after the sugar spike, you wind up with residual low blood sugar. So in order to restore blood sugar to normal, your body begins to crave sugar again. This is the reason for your uncontrollable hunger cravings.

But what do most guys do when they gain weight? Yup, you guessed it… they think they should eat less

Well, when you reduce calories too much your body senses starvation and it slows down your metabolism as well as the creation of a fat burning hormone called leptin

So, eating too few calories actually backfires and causes you to pack on fat because your body thinks it’s starving

So, as they’re restricting their calories and actually causing more harm… most guys will also make another HUGE mistake that’ll actually hurt them.

  • EPIC Trick #2: Eat to Boost Testosterone and Growth Hormone So You Can Build Lean Muscle

Between kids’ birthday parties, family gatherings, neighborhood barbeques, and business lunches, how in the world is the average guy supposed to eat right?

Well, there’s no doubt that getting ripped is about fueling your body with the right kinds of foods. These include quality proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Lean sources like beefturkeychickenbisonsalmontunagreek yogurt, and eggs should be your main sources of muscle-building protein.

Carbs such as sweet potatoeswhite potatoesricequinoasprouted breadfruits, and vegetables (kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, green peppers, carrots, squash, eggplant, etc.) can give you the vital nutrients and energy you need.

Fats like almondsalmond butter (and other nut butters), avocadococonut oilfish oil, and olive oil give you the necessary essential fatty acids you need to produce testosterone

You can eat these foods and still stay within your daily caloric limits, allowing you to burn fat and build muscle without feeling hungry.

salmon dinnerBonus Tip: Eat your carbs after lifting weights to trigger an insulin response so that the sugar and nutrients are shuttled into your muscles.



Mistake #3: Working Out Too Much

They decide to do hours and hours of exercise to try and gain muscle and lose fat.

But here’s the thing… Long bouts of ANY exercise causes your body to release cortisol, a hormone that causes your body to break down muscle and store fat.

Problem is, chronically elevated cortisol levels causes your body to breakdown muscle and bone, while stopping fat loss processes and suppressing your immune system.

As if that’s not bad enough, too much cortisol negatively affects sleep, mood, sex drive, bone health, ligament health, cardiovascular health, and athletic performance. It also lowers your natural testosterone levels. What’s worse, is that there’s a whole industry out there that convinces guys they need to try all sorts of weird testosterone supplements. Just listen to ads on talk radio.

Testosterone clinic this… testosterone supplement that. It’s ridiculous.

The truth is that reducing stress, eating right, exercising intensely, and sleeping well is more than enough to get your testosterone levels back on track.

The “double whammy” combo of too few calories and too much exercise spells disaster when it comes to trying to lose fat and gain muscle.

  • EPIC Trick #3: Strategic Cardio So You Can Burn Fat in Less Time

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-muscle-boxer-man-fist-bandage-weights-image22846201Cardio is a great tool for getting lean, but doing too much of the wrong type of cardio will leave you looking flabby and sickly, not lean and muscular; this has to do with your hormones. Excessive cardio burns through muscle tissue and creates the stress hormone cortisol, that further erodes muscle and causes your body to pack unwanted fat. On top of that, if you’re already lifting weights, doing too much cardio prevents your body from recovering properly, which only causes your body to produce more cortisol, and halts your fat-burning hormones.

I’ll show you how to use a simple jump rope or bodyweight exercises to burn more calories and trigger greater fat-burning hormones to get you the lean, ripped muscle you want.

There are two philosophies for cardio: if you lift lighter weights, you can do more intense cardio (for short durations), if you lift heavy weights, then you can do light and easy cardio (for longer durations). But don’t overdo it.

Now you know the best way to get ripped fast. But I have one more trick to share with you.

2 Quick Diet & Nutrition Tricks to Get Ripped Fast

Want to know what to eat to get ripped fast? This is one of the best diets that work to lose body fat. I’ll reveal exactly what to eat to get lean and ripped in as little as 4 weeks.

  • Make a List of Your Favorite Foods: For me it’s Greek yogurt w/ chocolate covered almonds, Steak w/ rice and asparagus, Salmon w/spinach and capers, Grilled chicken w/sweet potatoes and broccoli, Buffalo chicken salad, and French toast.
  • Calculate Your Daily Caloric Needs:  Then calculate how many calories your body needs on a daily basis based on your age, gender, and current activity levels. If you want to gain muscle, you’ll eat 10% above your caloric needs, if you want to burn fat, you’ll eat 10%-20% below your daily caloric needs. Then just cook your favorite foods, making sure that you calculate the right amount of calories.

The “get ripped quick” diet is really as simple as that. This is the #1 secret to to burn fat and start building muscle. No extreme dieting. No insane cravings. No long hours in the gym. You’re eating all of your favorite foods AND burning fat. 

I’ve literally just given you the exact diet and exercise plan for busy men to get ripped. 

It’s not your fault… you’ve been told to do the wrong things

The fitness and diet industry makes billions of dollars a year (while most people never see results)

Honestly, what you need is a regular, average dude who has figured this stuff out. You don’t need to follow some meat head or fitness nazi who spends 50 hours per week in the gym.

You need a guide that you can follow… someone who can show you exactly what it takes for us busy guys to shed fat, gain lean muscle and get the lean, ripped, muscular body you dream about.

So rather than answering hundreds of emails, I compiled everything I know into a simple manual called “The Science of Getting Ripped” 


 I made it to help busy guys, who have busy lives, to get lean and ripped in as little time as possible. This program contains the simple, actionable advice you can fit into your active, busy lifestyle. No technical jargon, no complex, overwhelming info.


Trust me, I’m just like you. Wife. Kids. Job. Long commute. I know how hard it can be. That’s why I’m sharing these secrets with you


  • 6 carefully planned workouts designed to get you lean, blowtorch ugly belly fat and increase your lean muscle mass… you can use these workouts for years on end
  • Learn the simple changes in your nutrition and workout routine that will dramatically melt body fat, and cause you to eventually build lean muscle in weeks. You’ll finally be able to shed ugly belly fat, and get the defined, lean body you want
  • Discover the amazingly simple tips I learned that instantly increases the amount of weight you lift… every single time. This common-sense technique has to do with warming up, but I hardly ever see anyone do it
  • The two types of warms ups you MUST do to fully prepare your body for MASSIVE strength gains… while preventing debilatating injury
  • Discover the real secret to finally get stronger and build muscle, consistently and predictably. This is a no-brainer that I rarely see people ever do. It can literally transform your body in a matter of weeks if you follow this simple, no-brainer principle
  • Discover the proven number of repetitions and sets to build lean muscle and get stronger. This one tiny change in your workout routine is one of the most important things you can do to get the lean, ripped, muscular body you want (again, most people either don’t do this, or get it completely wrong)
  • Learn how often you should train. Say goodbye to long, ineffective workouts that busy guys like you and me could never adhere to. I’ll give you the exact template you can use to get lean, muscular, and ripped in 2.5 hours a week. You’ll spend less time in the gym and more time with your friends and family (so they can notice your new physique)
  • Discover the scientific principle you MUST incorporate in your workouts to prevent overtraining, sticking points, and plateaus. It’s another shocking principle, that once you learn, will help you not only build muscle, but burn fat by allowing your body to bust through plateaus and your mind to stay focused on dropping body fat effortlessly
  • Discover the truth about how to lose ugly belly fat. You’ll learn the best methods to burn fat that work for YOU. That way you can consistently apply them and actually see results on a week to week basis
  • Learn the BEST movements to get ripped six pack abs. You’ll use 3 simple movements a few times a week to build an incredible core
  • Finally discover how to eat your favorite foods like pasta, chocolate cake, hot dogs, pizza, cup cakes, french toast, cinnamon rolls, and ice cream so that they help you build muscle while STILL dropping body fat! This is one of the most liberating things you’ll ever learn
  • Learn the exact meals I eat that take no longer than 30 minutes to cook. You can literally cook food for an entire week in less than 30 minutes… this is the MOST CRITICAL step to getting the lean, ripped body you want
  • Discover exactly how much protein you need to be eating to burn fat and build muscle… all while eating MORE than you ever thought
  • Learn the best way to increase the effectiveness of your cardio so you burn MORE calories in less time. This simple tip is known as the “afterburn effect”. Yes it is intense, but your chiseled abs and muscular physique will be worth it

I’m not a meat head or pro-bodybuilder. I’m a regular guy just like you. I know exactly what it’s like to juggle the responsibilities of daily life AND still get the body you want.

Look… the fastest way to gain muscle and lose fat is to skip the trial and error… and ONLY spend your time and energy on what produces results. The Science of Getting Ripped shows you, step-by-step, the RIGHT way to set up your weight training, cardio, and nutrition so that you actually gain lean muscle WHILE shedding body fat.

You’ll finally GET RID OF the bad training methods that are holding you back from gaining muscle, losing fat, and getting the ripped, muscular body you feel good about!

With this program, every time you step foot in the gym, you’ll know what to do. Because of that… you’ll cut out a lot of the time you’d usually spend in the gym and now have more free time to do the things you want to do.

Here’s proof I can help you gain more muscle, melt off more fat, and get the ripped, muscular body you want, and do it in 90 days or less. I keep getting more and more amazing success stories from regular, ordinary guys who are using this program to get absolutely incredible results.

Proof… Real Guys, Real Results

JaxThis is an awesome book filled that is built on a solid foundation of fat loss and muscle building principles. The pages in the book will stand the test of time and are not some “fly by the night” fad tricks you would find elsewhere. It’s simple…if you follow the advice…you will see the results. My training and diet are based on these same principles and I’m able to maintain around 8% bodyfat year round. -Jax O., California

jasonparis_smRaza has delivered a well organized and thought out blueprint for the average guy to lose weight and build muscle. He’s done a great job putting together a program that makes a complete package. It covers everything from common mistakes to supplementation and how to progress training. From warm up to deload, everything’s in there.” -Jason Paris, certified strength coach and personal trainer, Atlanta

dave“As a working dad with a child, finding the time to workout is pretty tough. From working out with Raza and following his progress from the beginning to the end I have witnessed the success of his program and how easy it was to fit in to a busy day. His program not only provides a great plan to get healthy but also the energy and strength to keep up with growing kids and to get through a long day. I highly recommend this program for the busy individual looking to get in the best shape they’ve ever been in. - Dave V., Chicago, systems analyst

The Science of Getting Ripped is one of the most comprehensive fitness products I’ve ever come across. Raza shares his personal story with you, and then details everything from how to get started to the actual workouts you can use to get ripped. He also shares 3 secrets the fitness industry won’t tell you. I found myself nodding along with every single one! Everything from the workouts to nutrition is covered here, since you can’t get ripped with only one of the two dialed in. Whether you’re a beginner or a regular at the gym, you’ll learn something new.  -Derek Wahler, CTT, CPT

“I was fortunate to get my hands on Raza’s The Science of Getting Ripped. This guide is absolutely loaded with fact-based information setting out the key principles to burning fat and building muscle without dedicating your life to fitness.  In other words, this is the manual for busy people.  If you like fact-driven information about fitness and getting results, this guide delivers.  It ends with a series of workouts.  What I like about the workouts is they are diverse so there’s something for each fitness goal with time constraints.” - Jon Dyer, http://www.Fitness-Baron.com

Working out with Raza has been a great experience. I do not have kids but I do have a lot of after work activities that make it hard for me to maintain the energy needed to keep up with going the gym once everything was done. So I decided to follow his program because of effective convenience it provided and it worked out better than I anticipated. Since following Raza’s routine I have been able to maintain my commitment to my workout. More importantly than anything else I started noticing and feeling results in my look, strength, and energy within a few weeks. I am very impressed with workout philosophy of this book and shows that it for anyone who is serious about working out. -Chris S. 29, systems analyst

“There’s so many positive things to say about this book, it’s hard to know where to begin. So let’s start by saying this: It absolutely works. I’m in my mid 30s and I’ve been a gym believer since I was in my early 20s, but this book change my perspective though with all of these doable workouts. I think one of the strongest points of this program is it’s level of customization, and how healthy you are going to feel after following the workouts and the diet.” - Odeh N. computer programmer, father of 2

“Your book is so easy to read. It’s laid out so well and covers the topics in a way that people can start using right away. You’ve boiled down the scientific principles of getting ripped so concisely, that anyone can understand it. You talk about supplements, diet, proper reps, sets, rest intervals, and even different workouts for people with different goals. All in one book. You’ve done a great job.” -Dr. A. Malick, board certified rheumatologist and natural bodybuilder

“The exercises that are given to you buy Raza are amazing. He is able to give you personal advice on the workouts and is always quick to respond to any kind of question that you have. I would strongly recommend trying out all of the workouts that he gives.” -Colin P. 18, college student

I tried the workouts you gave me for two weeks… I lost 2 1/2 inches from my waist lost and 1 1/2 inches from my hips… The hard part was giving up the sweets but I don’t crave them anymore like I used to.  Someone asked me if I was losing weight because they could see it in my face…  -Rosa L. accountant, Texas

In the “Science of Getting Ripped”… you’ll know exactly how to get completely ripped and shredded in the shortest time so you no longer have to wonder if you’re doing all the right things. You’ll pack on muscle, lose your love handles, and get the ripped, shredded look you’ve been dying to get… and you’ll feel better about yourself in every single area of your life!

My proven combination of high intensity cardio workouts and proper weight training workouts will FORCE your body to get leaner and more shredded every day. And the best part is… you can do the workouts in just 3 gym sessions a week, 45 minutes each time.

This simple manual will save you months, or even years of frustration trying to find out what works. The proven principles I show you will turn your body into a metabolic muscle-sculpting machine. These workouts will increase your muscle definition and get that lean, shredded look that makes girls go nuts and other guys jealous.

If you want to lose the love handles and melt off belly fat…or if you want to pack on more muscle and get the lean, confident body that makes you feel proud when you’re at the beach… if you’re jealous of guys that have that ripped, shredded and muscular look…

 Here are even MORE secrets I reveal in this manual:


  • Discover eating technique you can use to burn fat all day long… even if you choose NOT to do cardio. I’ve seen people literally get ripped in 3 workouts a week by using this tip. This will cause your body to lose fat like crazy
  • Learn exactly how to lift weights with the correct form so you build a lean, muscular, injury free body that burns fat, even when you’re just sitting around doing nothing!
  • You’ll learn the little-known secrets to naturally increasing your testosterone and growth hormone. These powerful hormones literally burn fat, increase sex drive, and almost turn back the hands of time causing your body to look and feel younger
  • Discover the BEST foods you can eat to turbo-charge fatloss, increase your muscle building hormones, and kick your strength into high-gear
  • Learn the only 2 pieces of equipment you REALLY need if you only want to work out at home (you can get them both for less than $25)
  • I’ll reveal the 5 biggest mistakes guys make in the gym, and how YOU can avoid them so you can build your dream body
  • I’ll teach you how to scientifically achieve your goals. It’s based on a best-selling book by a plastic surgeon in the 1960′s. It proves how to make your brain act like a “heat seeking missile” to help achieve whatever goal you give it.
  • You’ll discover the science of protein, carbs, and fat and how to give your body the perfect amount so you burn fat and build muscle. Plus, you’ll learn how busy guys can eat well and STILL balance their busy life
  • You’ll learn which 3 critical supplements you need, where to get them, and why they’re so important
  • Discover the critical differences in training for strength vs. training for muscle mass. There is a big difference between the two, discover how to train both ways to get the ripped, muscular body you’ve always wanted
  • You’ll learn the secret a kungfu master taught me over 8 years ago that will revolutionize the way you workout. It has to do with the intensity of your workouts… not how long you workout (or how many times you hit the gym)
  • I’ll show you the science of rest and why resting is one of the TOP factors most guys screw up when trying to build muscle and burn fat. Get this wrong and you’ll literally waste ALL of your hardwork exercising and eating right
  • The Only REAL Way to Get Abs I reveal 2 very simple ab workouts that can be done in under 6 minutes to start etching out your 6-pack
  • I reveal what I call the “Supreme 7” movements to build muscle, and lose fat. Almost all exercises done in the gym can be boiled down to these 7 basic movements. Get these right and your friends on the exercise machines will beg to know your secret
  • Why strength based circuit training is the best of both muscle building and fat loss for men who want to gain strength and incinerate fat at home without buying a lot of equipment
  •  I discuss science of building explosive power. You’ll not only build a visually impressive body, but an explosively powerful one that you can use on the court, field, ring, or even golf course. You’ll have a body that not only looks good, but PERFORMS good.

Plus my Favorite Workouts to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

  • Simple “Get Ripped” Workout: This shows you how to get ripped really fast – from home
  • Classic Strength Workout: This is the best way to develop raw strength – requires a gym though
  • Home Dumbbell Workout: No time for the gym? This workout is perfect for you
  • Scientifically Simple Muscle Gain Workout: This is an amazing way to pack on pounds of lean muscle. You’ll need a gym, but it’s awesome
  • Explosive Power Circuit Workout: Here’s another workout you can do at home, but it will build explosive power that will make you faster and more athletic
  • Get Bigger and Stronger Workout: This is a blend of a bodybuilding and strength/power workout to get you bigger and stronger

The truth is… I created this program because I just knew it could help so many busy guys to lose unwanted fat, pack on a ton of muscle, and get the ripped and shredded physiques they’ve wanted so bad… all in just 90 short days.

This hormonal response will help you pack on more muscle and shed more fat. I’ll give you all the exact steps you need. I’ll show you ONLY the proven exercises you need to be doing, so you can drop the time wasters for good.

You can create the proper hormonal environment in your body that just naturally leads to muscle gains and fat loss. In fact, this hormonal balance is more important than the time you spend in the gym… because you’ll release muscle building hormones all throughout the day.

Your nutrition and timing of it makes a HUGE difference in hormone output. And if you train the right way like I’ll show you… you can trigger your body to release certain muscle building growth hormones. This hormonal response will help you pack on more muscle and shed more fat than anything else you do.

This is so different from everything else because I know EXACTLY what you’re going through and the challenges you’re facing

The truth is… this program is different than anything else out there because you don’t need to spend 5 to 6 hours a week working out.


Think About It:

  • Personal trainers work in a gym all day long – of course they should be lean and ripped (even though they usually aren’t)
  • Strength coaches should be muscular and powerful… after all it IS their job (isn’t it?)
  • Fitness models better be at 5% body fat… their livelihood depends on it
  • Hollywood actors have personal chefs, celebrity trainers, in home gyms, and enough time and money to workout 4-5 hours a day, for 3-4 months at a time… no wonder they look so good

But this manual is written for busy guys who want to get lean and ripped fast. It’s not a program that was written by some steroid-juiced bodybuilder for other bodybuilders… it’s for those busy, natural guys who want to look good and feel good in as little time as possible.

Warning: This Is NOT For You If:

  • You’re afraid of hard work. Every diet and workout plan requires hard work. I’ve just tried to make it as simple as possible. You just need to follow the steps and take action.
  • You’re not willing to change the way you eat. I share some very simple nutrition tips. I don’t make any health claims or promises, but eating healthier not only help you lose fat, but focusing on your diet means lower risk of diabetes, better sleep, more sex drive, increased vitality, and sharpened mental awareness. Who doesn’t want that?
  • You don’t want to do resistance training or lift weights. Look, there’s a huge difference between losing weight and getting ripped. Weight loss can include losing water weight, body fat, and muscle tissue. So simply “losing weight” will not get you the ripped body that you want. You have to do resistance training to preserve and build muscle mass. You don’t need to go to a gym, but you do need to at least have dumbbells and preferably a pullup bar.
  • You won’t take action. If you’re someone that just buys things and never uses them, then please don’t waste your money on this book or any other workout program, supplement, or gadget.

This IS For You If…

  • If You’re a Beginner — I show you the best tips, workouts, and diet tricks you need to get the body of your dreams. You can learn from my experience and avoid the mistakes most people make in the gym.
  • If You Want to Shed Body Fat — You’ll learn the best fat-burning workouts, diet hacks, and cardio tips to get lean in less time.
  • If You Want More Muscle — If you want to gain strength, increase the weight of your lifts, and build powerful muscle, I’ll show you the quickest way to do it.
  • If You’re an Athlete — You will get bigger, stronger, faster, and have better conditioning. Every athlete knows that speed and strength are two competitive weapons in any sport.

My book lays out a variety of simple workout plans that busy guys can do to get more results in less time.

It discusses the various scientific factors of getting ripped (hormones, macronutrient amounts, reps, rest intervals, supplements, exercises). The book is simple, scientific, and structured. I cut through the clutter and confusion.

You’ll know exactly what and when you need to do a specific exercise, for long, how long to rest, and how to do it safely so that you blow by most other people in the gym.


What if you could start seeing results in 15 days?

What if I told you that you can start to see results in 15 days, just by following the step-by-step instructions I give Halal 6 pack
I break it down for you, so you know EXACTLY how to train, what to train, and when to train. When you start doing the right type of workouts, that will trigger a hormone release long after your time at the gym is over. It’s all about creating the proper hormonal response to burn fat and build muscle.

It doesn’t take hours in the gym to get a body that looks like fitness models and natural bodybuilders on magazine covers that you envy.

Use These Bonus “Cheat Sheets” for Even Faster Results

Look, I know know it’s 100% in your benefit to order this, and I want you to say “YES”, Since I know it’s 100% to your benefit to say YES now, I want to sweeten the pot and give you the following special bonus gifts for ordering right now.

Free Bonus #1: “Nutrition Hacks Cheat Sheet” ($19.95 value)

This shows you how to eat for maximum fat-loss and muscle gain. Inside you’ll learn:

  • The #1 easiest tip to start losing belly fat today (does NOT include extreme diet or any exercise)
  • A simple trick to help you buy the right muscle building foods at the grocery store
  • Why you NEED to eat your vegetables and how to make them taste amazing
  • The one thing you need to eat more of to drop body fat – eating this one type of food actually burns calories
  • Why carbs are NOT the enemy and which ones to avoid if you want to rev up your fat-burning potential
  • Why you should NOT fear fat and the exact kinds of fats guys should be eating
  • The one thing to eat that will actually help you eat fewer calories throughout the day
  • The amazing fruit that can lower your insulin levels and cause you to lose up to 10 pounds without dieting
  • Which condiments enhance the fat-burning process
  • The two type of drinks that may actually help speed up your metabolism
  • An amazing list of guy-friendly power foods that fight disease, boost your immune system, increase sex drive, keep you fuller, longer
  • And much, much more

Free Bonus #2: “Common Exercise Mistakes… And How to Prevent Them” ($19.95 value)

  • Discover why it’s so important to “keep it light till you get it right”
  • Learn exactly how to prevent painful injuries to your hips, knees, and shoulders
  • The one trick that you can do that will increase your strength no matter what lift you’re doing (99% of people probably ignore this simple trick)
  • Video tutorials of the major lifts: bench press, overhead press, squat, and deadlift
  • Exactly what NOT to do if you want to keep getting stronger and stay injury free
  • And much, much more…



Free Bonus #3: ‘Done-For-You’ Meal Calculator Spreadsheet ($39.95 value)

This simple spreadsheet lets you create your favorite meals, and track the protein, fat, carbs, and calories. It took me months to create this and is by far the easiest way to track what you’re eating.

  • I list out the protein, carbs, and fat it 50 of the most popular foods busy guys like you and me eat
  • I share my 7 favorite meals to build muscle and burn fat
  • Healthy snacks that help prevent hunger pangs and junk food cravings
  • I show you how to enjoy your favorite foods (including pizza, ice cream, cookies, and cake WITHOUT sabotaging your fatloss progress
  • I tell you exactly what days to eat high carbs and what days to eat lower carbs so you can support your fatloss and muscle-building goals



Free Bonus Gift #4: Six-Pack Abs Report ($29.95 value)

You’ll get a free copy of this killer ab report, “The 3 Keys to Killer Abs”If you really want to get “six-pack abs”, this killer report shows you the 3 things you MUST do to get awesome abs! It discusses the role of weighted ab movements to build killer abs that really “pop”. 




Please understand that you’re getting the free bonuses (a total value of $120.00) when you order The Science of Getting Ripped today. But I can’t guarantee this low price forever. So please purchase your copy now and this entire package, plus all the bonuses will be immediately sent to you.




Here’s What You’ll Get

  • The Full 86 page Manual: The detailed science behind how to get ripped – plus the 6 workouts to build muscle and burn fat
  • Quick “Nutrition Cheat Sheet”: Quick nutrition tips and hacks to build muscle and burn fat
  • Common Exercise Mistakes: You can confidently workout without hurting yourself
  • ‘Done For You’ Meal Creator Spreadsheet: This has a bunch of pre-designed meals AND allows you to mix and match your own meals
  • Six-Pack Abs Report: Killer tips on getting six pack abs
  • Printable Workout Logs: These will help you track your progress
  • Unlimited Email Support: Have a question? You’ll be able to email me anytime and I’ll do my best to help. I may even create a free forum just for customers to ask questions and learn from each other.

Why It’s Just $39.95 (for now)

Simple: I want more success stories and testimonials for when I do a bigger marketing campaign in 3 months… I want to have as many before and after pictures as possible, so I want to offer it at this low price so more people join today.

I’m letting a few guys in at this low price… because I know once you get RESULTS with it… your buddies are gonna ask you how you did it… and I hope you send ‘em my way.

Honestly, 40 bucks is waaaay less than you’d spend for one jug of protein powder… so why not spend it on something that’ll get you results… not something that’ll run out in 2 weeks?

It’s cheaper than one month of a gym membership. And waaaay cheaper than a personal trainer. Most trainers charge around $65 for one session. At just three sessions per week that’s $10,000 a year! But thing is… most trainers don’t follow any scientific principles, they just wing it. They even have you spending an hour in the gym, 5 to 6 days a week. If you think of it in terms of getting the body you want in 12 weeks, it comes out to just 15 cents a day! Would you pay 15 cents a day to have that type of ripped body that turns heads? That’s EXACTLY what’s going to happen when you start using this.

Better yet, you can get access to the program immediately after you order because it’s available as a digital download. There’s no printing or shipping.


The best part is… you can get your hands on the entire muscle-shredding program in less than 30 seconds from now! It’s instantly downloadable from this website.

Here’s Why I’ll Have to Raise the Price

I want to help as many people as possible. The more people get a hold of this book, the more my server will be taxed, the more customer support requests I’ll get, and the more bonuses I’ll be planning. So now is literally the best time to get your hands on this.

So you have an important choice to make here. You WISH you had the body that makes you feel confident and proud. Or, you can take action and get started with the RIGHT kind of training and nutrition information.

And in a few short weeks… you’ll start to notice the fat just falling off and the muscle being packed on! Imagine how awesome you’ll look and feel when you have a tight midsection with hardly any fat around the waist… a sculpted, powerful chest and biceps that bust out of the sleeves of your shirt.

You’ll be feeling more proud and confident. When you’re happy and confident… you just feel better in all areas of your life. And you deserve this.

Take it from me… when you feel stronger and more confident… that confidence spills out into all areas of your life. When you’ve got a new feeling of pride and confidence. The compliments you’ll get from friends and family about how great you look.

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 The 60-Day “This Sucks” Guarantee

If you don’t like this, just send me an email that says “Raza, this product sucks. Please give me my money back.” And I will. You’ll even get to keep the book and all the bonuses. I’ll give you 60 days.

Truth is, this program gives you all the information you need to get that lean, ripped, muscular look in less time. I’ve already proven it by my own results. But even so, I want to eliminate all worry for you.

So go ahead and order this program right now and take a full 60 days to try it out. If you don’t gain more muscle and lose more fat… if you’re not thrilled with what it has done for you… I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. And you get to keep the book and all the bonuses for free. 


Only $39.95

Frequently Asked Questions

1). What Happens After I Order?

Since it’s a digital download, you get this book INSTANTLY. I’ll email you the book as well as all of the free bonuses within minutes of you making your purcahse.

2). What Do I Need to Get Started?

All you really need is a pair of dumbbells and a pullup bar. No expensive gym membership required. If you do have a gym membership, you’ll be able to do more of the workouts. Having access to a gym is important for building massive strength, but is not at all required if you want to build lean muscle and get ripped.

3). How Quickly Will I See Results?

You can literally see results in 15 days. If you modify your diet and do the exercises I tell you about, people will start to notice a change in two weeks. Remember though, it’s easy to lose water weight, but you want to preserve muscle and lose fat. These workouts will allow you to safely and effectively do that.

4). What Happens When I Finish the Program?

The great thing is that you nearly have an entire year of workouts. This is not an 8 or 12 week program. It has various workouts, geared towards losing fat and then building muscle over the long haul. There are 6 different workouts that you can cycle through to get the body that you want. 

5). Isn’t This Information All Available Free Online?

Of course. Let me tell you a little secret. In the fitness world, nothing is new. But it would literally take you years to read research journals, weight lifting manuals, video courses, and presentations and then put it all together yourself. Alternatively, you could hire a personal trainer for $45-$75 per session, 3 times a week for 12 weeks. Even then, he wouldn’t give you a step-by-step meal plan and workout charts. So for a mere $19 you can have what would otherwise take years, or hundreds of dollars to get. 

7). Why Buy From You?

Great question! The simple answer is that I’m *just* like you. I’m not a pro-bodybuilder and I don’t work in a gym. I’m a regular guy, with an IT job at a hospital, with a wife and kids, and a full social life. I’ve figured out how to work fitness and healthy eating into my life and feel like I can show you exactly how to do the same… even better than a personal trainer that has no idea about the challenges guys like you and me experience.

7). What If I Have Questions?

You can email me anytime with any questions you have. In fact, you’ll probably be receiving periodic emails from me with tips and tricks to help you get even better results. You can always hit “reply” and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. 



Raza Imam


P.S. If you’re willing to invest the hour or so it takes to read this ebook… I’ll show you how to gain pounds of muscle and lose pounds of fat… and you’ll start seeing results in just 15 days. You’ll only have to invest just a few hours total each week to your workouts. This will save you 3 to 4 hours a week.

P.P.S. And remember; with the money back guarantee… there’s no risk. So save the time and aggravation by using this program. You’ll see exciting changes and improvements in each area of your life. You’ll feel better than you ever have… your energy, focus, and confidence will skyrocket. So don’t delay. Order now and you can be receiving this program in less than a minute.

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